Biblical, Historical, Constitutional

A Great American home education program that meets in community on a weekly basis where our students learn to have a biblical worldview of history, literature, civics, free market economics, ethics, science, culture and more.

GAO Mission

We are currently in great spiritual turmoil in this country and the world. It is past time that we awaken from our slumber and get serious about the biblical charge of being faithful and bold soldiers for Christ. I believe that a remnant is waking up and ready to restore the years lost to complacency, laziness, passing off responsibility to others, and overindulgence in non-eternal things. We enjoyed much during the time of prosperity but it is now time to strip ourselves of excess and take up our crosses. One of those ways might mean taking full responsibility for our kids in education and homeschooling.

GAO offers an education with a boots-on-the-ground perspective. A program for all grades that is biblical, historical, and constitutional. A one- or two-day a week program for homeschoolers where Guides will come alongside you to help teach your children unrevised history, have great conversations in literature of the big ideas that formed Western Civilization, learn how to be engaged in civics, understand free market economics, be grounded in a biblical worldview of ethics, politics, science, and the cultural issues of today, and more. We want to train kids and parents to have fortitude and backbone to stand up for truth and righteousness. To make disciples who have an eternal perspective of life with robust and meaningful engagement in society today. To face hard times with grace and strength. To be in the world but not of the world.

Great American Outpost is a community of Christian homeschoolers who believe in God and who love our country and the principles that founded it. We believe that without laser-focus in our children’s education we will see the demise of America as we know it within the next generation. We are not called to save America, nor look for a person who can, but to preach the gospel to the world, making disciples of them, being faithful not only in the narrow context of our home and church but in all realms because every realm is sacred not secular. We reject the lie that Christians shouldn’t be involved in politics, business, school boards, pop culture, economics and finances, industry and policy-making. We are to be faithful in all areas of life, wherever God calls and plants us. Our children’s future may look different than the one we faced so we need to normalize trade or entrepreneurship rather than just college. That is why GAO is very committed to preparing students to enter adulthood with a solid understanding of economics, history, theology, finance, and government.

Our vision is to have Great American Outposts popping up everywhere all over the United States. A program that offers an excellent and practical education, a community that respects the parents’ freedoms; an agency that teaches how to protect our God-given rights and liberty while demonstrating courage in the face of losing them. We can be salt and light in this world but it is not without preparation. If you’re interested in joining us or learning more about how you can start your own Outpost in the near future, attend one of our upcoming informational meetings or email us.

GAO Statement of Faith

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GAO Creed

I am a unique and responsible person, created in the image of God but made for community. I serve others with my skills, experiences, resources, while treating them with dignity and respect. I take ownership of my decisions and take responsibility for the consequences. I govern myself to do what is right, good, and virtuous even if it is hard or there are risks. I persist in my duties despite danger, setbacks, or doubt. I take ownership of my education toward a greater purpose and not idolize pleasure, entertainment, or comfort. I will regard each day as a gift and I will devote myself to walk with awareness and in God’s strength, and strive to be better than I was yesterday, even in the smallest of ways. I will not run from hardship and pain but embrace it, because God uses my suffering to refine and sanctify me. I plan to keep my head level even when chaos overwhelms me. I will tell the story of my failures and hardships as an overcomer, not a victim. Millions who have gone before me have suffered too much, fought too hard, and been blessed with far too little, for me to squander this life. My purpose will be to uphold and protect the spirit of our great Constitutional republic, knowing that the values we hold dear can be preserved only by a strong people who trusts in God. I will do my part and duty as a child of God and a faithful citizen of this nation.

“My girls have such a great time attending GAO! They talk about ‘When is the next class? That was so much fun!'”